Week 1 Is In The Books

Happy Friday😀

Chloe is my SuperStar! Her first week back to public school was amazing! She seemed to fit right in and the teacher said she adapted to everything fast.

Every morning Chloe got up and was ready to go. She moved through her schedule quickly, wanting to get to the car. I was shocked, but proud. She walked to her class like she had been there all year. She made friends quickly and she is so happy.

Next week the teachers, school therapists and I will meet to discuss her new IEP and her Evaluation.  This will carry over to next school yr as well. I couldn’t be more happy with her school and teachers.

Chloe has been more talkative and hasn’t had 1 fit all week. Yeah😁😁

So that is our Week 1 Update. Now if I can over this cold virus, so I can move forward to working.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful evening 🙂

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