So Proud of Chloe πŸ˜Š

Good Morning 😊

Today is Chloe’s 2nd day of returning to public school and she is doing so well. She was nervous yesterday, but her teacher said she had an awesome day 😊. She was definitely tired and fell asleep by 6:30😲.

This morning she was very excited to go and couldn’t wait to get out of the car. I am so proud of her. I know she still may have difficult days,Β  but I am loving how well she is doing. She even told me names of 2 of her classmates on the way home yesterday.

I have been sick and trying so hard not to give this to her. I started her on breathing treatments because of her cough. I’m praying its not the flu. I barely got her to school this morning before getting sick on the way home. I so appreciated her getting up and getting ready with no fighting.

So there is my update on school. 😊

Have a wonderful day

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