Back To School

Good Morning😊

So it is happening.  Tomorrow is Chloe’s first day back to public school. 

I visited the school today and it was amazing!! Such a warm, inviting atmosphere and to top it off, her head teacher went to school with my brother. Small world😊. I met the Principal, Counselor, Therapists and her other assistants in her classroom.  I was overwhelmed, but excited. I know tomorrow may be a little tough for Chloe, but I am positive she is in wonderful hands❤.

I am looking forward to a few weeks rest before I decide when I am going to start working. I am going to get our place organized and decluttered.  I am going to donate my homeschool supplies and donate a few items to her new school.

I will post tomorrow how her first day went. Keep her and I in your thoughts in the morning.  

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