It Was Freezing!


Good morning😊

Chloe is so addicted with playing at the playground at the lake. She asks to go every day. I misjudged the weather today and it was freezing when we got there.

Chloe doesn’t seem to ever be cold. She amazes me. I was pacing trying to stay warm, even with my big coat and gloves. Chloe was happily running around swinging,  climbing and sliding.  She was very happy. I set the timer for 40 minutes and when it beeped she walked right to the car.

As we walked to the car we ran into 2 ducks. Chloe said “Brrr ducks go home”! There were ducks and geese everywhere! She started chasing them, but stopped once one started coming at her. They are so mean there. Lol

I told her we were not coming back until it was warmer.  She may not get cold, but I sure do😨

Welcome to my new followers 😊

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