Fun at the Lake


Good morning 😊

Adjusting to our move has been difficult some days for Chloe. She has started struggling with sleep again and been on a mood roller coaster. One thing that helps is going to our local lake playground. She loves it there. 

I took her yesterday after a sleepless night. I was hoping it would help her sleep better last night. She played hard for about an hour and then was ready to go. I am so proud of her swinging by herself now. She just beams when I cheer her on😀 

She has a routine here, just like any other place. She slides on 4 slides, then swings, and then tries to ride the bouncy car. She no longer fits in it, but will sit sideways to try. Then it’s back to the slides. I always set a timer to keep her on track. It was really cold, so I didn’t want to stay a long time. Once Spring arrives I’m sure we will spend hours there.

After we got home, and had lunch, she was still grumpy. I had her take a nap. I gave her a small dose of her medication to help relax her. She slept 4 hours😲!! So I had to keep her up later last night. She needed the rest, so I didn’t mind. We had a movie night together. She woke up 2 times last night, but is still asleep as I’m posting this. Today she gets to spend time with her sister Mattie. She will love that🙂

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful day 💚


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