I Lost My Keys😲

Hi Everyone😊

Oh what a stressful day I had on Tuesday.

The day started out as usual. Chloe had been awake since 4 am, but was in a good mood. I had an errand to run, so she stayed with my parents. After I picked her up we went to get a few groceries.  The day was still going well.

My older daughter was coming over to help me make Vegetable Soup and hang out. We were having a wonderful visit when I decided to go up the street to the mailbox while she could watch Chloe. I have a key to my mailbox, so I went over to my key cup on the counter and NO KEYS!! I thought “Oh I probably put them in my purse….NO KEYS!! I began to panic. My daughter and I searched my tiny apartment and tore apart my car. NOTHING😫

I was sick at this point. I told my older daughter she should go home. I walked over and collapsed on the couch, trying to calm down. All of a sudden I thought about my daughter’s purse. We both have black purses. It was worth a shot. I called her and sure enough they were in there🙄.

Oh my goodness.  Lol. Her boyfriend brought them to me the next day. I was very thankful. I know I need to make an extra set of each now. Crazy Day😛

Have you ever lost your keys?

Have a wonderful evening 😊

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