She Has No Idea😲

Good Morning😊

Chloe turns 10 years old on Saturday.  I have been trying for a month to get her to tell me what she wants for her birthday.  She just doesn’t say anything! 

She is so picky about her things its hard to just go out and buy her surprises. She usually tells me the kind of cake she wants and every year she wants 7 balloons. She told me she wanted purple plates and a purple birthday hat. If I ask about presents she names everything she got for Christmas.  So I got on Amazon and tried to figure it out. 

I ended up ordering her a big beanbag chair, an Alphabot Learning toy and a new Magnadoodle. She will get other presents from family members, so she will have plenty. I’m trying to keep her room minimal now that I finally got that accomplished. 

It is really tough when your child can’t always verbalize what they want or need. Maybe once therapy starts we can start working harder on these skills. 

I guess we will find out on Saturday if she likes what we got her. Its a roll of the dice.

Have a wonderful day😊

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