Back to Homeschooling

abc books chalk chalkboard

Good Morning 😀

Next week we will get back to homeschooling.  We have had a few weeks off for our move. Chloe is getting restless,  so we need to get back at it. Our new place is so much smaller, but we will make it work.

I have decided to use our current workbooks for awhile. I am going to be talking to the school system soon and so I will just use up what I have until then.

I hope the weather clears up soon so we can go to the lake park. There are so many learning opportunities there, plus a great play area. She really wants to go.

Chloe’s 10th Birthday is next week, so she is excited about that.  She still hasn’t told us what she wants. It’s always a challenge every year. We will figure it out in time….hopefully.

So next week will be busy and exciting 😊

I hope everyone is well. Have a great day💜

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