Roller Coaster Week

Good Morning 😊

Our first week here has been a roller coaster.  The first part of the week Chloe was very happy and calm. She played well in her new room.

By mid week she started wanting to go to the park, but it was raining. She doesn’t understand why I can’t make the rain stop. She started coughing and throwing tantrums.  Her asthma started acting up with the fluctuating temperatures and rain. So she has had some breathing treatments.

The strangest thing is how much she is sleeping.  Oh I’m not complaining,  but she is sleeping in until 8, sometimes 9 o’clock. 😲 It is taking her until lunch to get moving. We are off schedule, so I am not pressuring her to move faster. Next week we will get back on schedule.

I am looking into public school for her as well. There is a school that has an excellent special needs classroom. I know Chloe will struggle at first, but I am hoping it will help her. She has regressed socially and emotionally.  I need the help.

We are slowly getting everything going. Paperwork takes forever sometimes.  We will get there. So that’s our first week update. Next week I hope to get back to my normal blog schedule.

Have a wonderful day😊

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