Finally Unpacked

Good Morning Friends

I woke up yesterday ready for another day of unpacking and organizing.  I started my day with coffee in front of my electric fireplace. It was quiet and cozy.

I had to grab some items from my parents house. Chloe and I enjoyed lunch out after we left. We also went to Dollar General down from our apartment. It was new and super nice! Chloe discovered the water fountains and had to stop for a drink. She behaved so well😊

I worked on Chloe’s room and I am so happy how minimal it is. I only brought the toys she plays with most. She has been calmer and occupied herself so much today. I’m like FINALLY🙂

At 4:30 I put away my last item from the last box. Phew I was exhausted.  I made Chloe supper and we both got baths. Then we hung out on the couch until bedtime.  She has had me read the same 7 books for over a year!! Last night she said “Mom read 2 books”. I was beyond happy and proud of her for making the change. I am excited that OT therapy will begin soon and hopefully the others will follow.

2020 will be a good year for Chloe.  I just know it👍

Welcome to my new followers.  Have a wonderful Monday ❤

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