Moving Day😊

Good Morning

Yesterday was our moving day. It was a long, busy day as well. I so appreciate Chloe’s older sister and boyfriend helping with the move. I didn’t have much, but unpacking took hours.

Chloe and I are in a one bedroom apt. It is small, but we love it❤. Chloe was so excited today. I was very proud of her. She didn’t go to bed until 9pm. I let her watch a movie while i unpacked.  I still need to organize a lot, plus I need a few small pieces of furniture.  Its coming together well. I will post pictures once I am finished organizing.

Chloe has the one bedroom for herself. I don’t have a lot of personal items. There is a big closet we can both share. I had to and still need to do a lot of cleaning.  I don’t think they cleaned very well. Its ok I like to clean myself.

Chloe is so excited to be close to her sisters, friends and the rest of her family. Once therapy begins we will be quite busy. Very exciting.

So that is what we’ve been up to. I hope everyone is doing well.


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