One More Day


Good Morning Friends😊

We have one more day until Chloe and I move back home. It is exciting to say the least. I have been packing all week and almost finished.

I have been nervous about Chloe’s items. She doesn’t like her stuff moved. I have been telling her we are moving to our new house and she is taking her stuff with her. She just looks at me.  I’ve decided to pack her stuff last. I will have her go to the car and I will have my helpers (her older sister/boyfriend) get her stuff. Hopefully she will not freak out later when we unpack. I am only taking favorites. No excess.  Minimalism will win😁

Another piece of good news…her OT therapy opened up. She starts on February 12th!! So very excited about this. Tomorrow will be a very busy day. I have a long list of stuff to do. I’m thankful my parents offered to watch Chloe for me❤ I can definitely get things done faster alone.

So that’s what is going on and Saturday our new journey begins😊

Welcome to my new followers 😀

Have an amazing day💚

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