We Unschool On Friday


Good Afternoon Friends!

It’s Friday afternnon and we are relaxing. I’m posting this and Chloe is drawing on her MagnaDoodle. Fridays are Unschool days in our house. Chloe still has a schedule and activities to do, but no have to school work.

I will lay out activities on the kitchen table in case she wants to do them. I don’t make her do them. It’s all a choice. Today she has played with her Kinetic sand, done puzzles, drawn on her magnadoodle and her chalk board, plus read books with me. Plenty of learning in all those activities. I decided to make Friday unschool days for both of us. She gets a break and gets to choose what to learn about and I get a break to catch up on housework, blogging, and lesson planning.

Once we move, in 8 days, I will incooperate more unschool days in our schedule, until we both get settled. I know Chloe will have some anxiety about the move and I don’t want to force homeschool on top of that. We will be setting up our new home and I want her to feel as laid back as possible and help me set up her room. I want it to be fun for her.

So that is what we do on Fridays. Unschool and relax. Do any of you take “Unschool” days?

Have a great afternoon

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