Autism Mom Burnout!!

Good Afternoon Friends


Autism mom burnout is real folks. I have been getting close for a long time and now I am there. I have many days that I can’t get going. I have headaches and well honestly, I cry in the shower. Sometimes it helps to cry it out. 

I never planned on being a stay at home or even a homeschool mom. I have cherished my time with Chloe, but desperately miss working and talking to other adults. I like making money, even if its part time work. Just feels good. Chloe has regressed so much socially being home, I know she needs to be in school, even if she is a bit anxious. I don’t want her to isolate herself. I feel very isolated myself. I have tried to not think about it, but it has finally gotten to me.

We are moving in 9 days. I have been connecting with a few friends from high school and other friends I had years ago. I know I won’t be able to go out all the time. Chloe stills needs me and we will be busy with therapies, but to go out occassionally will be nice. Some of them have kids and Chloe can even have playdates. She misses one of her buddies and talks about him a lot.

It is important that we take care of ourselves and recognize the symptoms of burnout before they happen. So for now if Chloe wants to do school we do it and if she needs a break (or if I do) we take one. The move will be a huge change for the both of us and we will have to adjust. So we may take a week or so off.  Chloe has a birthday coming up the middle of February. She will be 10! I can’t believe it. I want her to have a wonderful time this year. 

Being a parent of a child with Special Needs can be so overwhelming. Lack of sleep, hours of screaming and just the worrying alone can wear us out. So I am taking it easy, taking care of me for awhile. Slow days, reading, writing and watching some TV. Its ok to take the breaks we need. Luckily today Chloe is being awesome and loving on me lots. 

Welcome to my new followers. Thank you so much for stopping by.


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