A Very Bad Horrible Day!!


Hi Everyone.

Today I was going to post about our great Homeschool day yesterday, but I just needed to share more about today.

Chloe slept so well last night. In the past she was always happy after a good nights sleep. Now it doesn’t matter. She woke up yelling and screaming. She ate her breakfast and then refused to move off the couch, even refusing to follow her schedule board. 

I needed to go to a very important appointment today. Typically if Chloe has my phone and headphones she will be still and quiet for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Well she listened for 5 minutes and then started running around the waiting room….a very full waiting room. People started staring and I knew I wasn’t going to get her back to her chair. So I had to leave. I will have to leave her home tomorrow, even though her Dad will be working.

She has been crying and screaming all afternoon. She even has hit and kicked me. That is picking up and scaring me. I tried to take her outside for a bit, even though it is cold. She threw herself down on the concrete patio. I’m just at a loss as what to do anymore. My brain is fried and Im so tired.

Her behavior has reached a point that I can’t take her out anywhere. She loses it or starts acting inappropriately. I know how important it is for her to be out in the world and see places. I am not able to handle her alone and the strategies that use to work no longer do. So I am doing my best and keeping her home. If I try to take her out it goes so wrong so fast.

I had to give her the medication she takes to slow her down and stop the screaming.  This is the part of Autism I hate. I can’t help her because she can’t tell me what is wrong. I desperately pray for therapy soon. I may have to put her in school early. I just need a mental break. My health is important too.

So that is what today has been like and its only 2:00 pm. 

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