We Have Been Sick☹

Good morning 😊

Chloe and I have had a rough couple of days. She only gets sick maybe once or twice a year. Thank you homeschooling ☺.

Chloe started throwing up Monday night. She had been really moody all day and was wanting to eat a lot. The 2 days before that her behavior was amazing! She was calmer, happier and played with her toys. The calm before the storm I guess. We both slept in the living room Monday night…tile flooring. She woke up Tuesday feeling fine. She gets over illness quick now.

My turn. Last night I got a 102 degree fever.  My whole body ached, especially my head. Chloe threw a massive 2 hour fit going to bed because she wanted to sleep in the living room again. I had to make her go back to her room. She thinks if she sleeps in the living room once its permanent. I stood my ground and she finally fell asleep.  2 hours of screaming…Ugh😫

Thankfully she slept all night. I’m still feeling rough today, but my fever has went down a bit.  So today we rest. Hopefully Chloe doesn’t get to moody.

So that’s an update. Thats why I haven’t been able to post for a few days.


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