Staying Minimal While Shopping For New Apt.

Good afternoon 😊

This morning I went with a list to Walmart.  I had to buy items for my and Chloe’s new apartment. I was super careful checking prices and the quality of each product.  I also had to decide if it was an absolute necessity.

That’s minimalist life. Living with only what is necessary.  I think I did a really good job. I still have a few items to get at the Dollar Tree and I need to check my local Goodwill for a few items as well.

I plan on having as little furniture as possible. My decor will be simple as well. Someone left a dresser behind in the apartment and I get to use it. Score!! My sweet friend gave me a longer. I still need another chair or loveseat and a kitchen table with 2 chairs. Chloe will have her bed and I am going to sleep on a blowup bed for now.

I am excited to get our place set up. I want calm colors in every room. I plan on using different shades of green and blue.

I will take pictures as I set it up. I move in 2 weeks, so I will be getting boxes and packing this week. Chloe will struggle,  but I know she will adjust.

So excited for this new journey😊

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