Making Math Fun😀


Happy Friday Friends😊

Chloe loves Math, which is awesome! She loves numbers and counting. She has since she was 3. So I try to make math fun for her.

One way I do this is by providing lots of hands on activities.  I bought math cubes last year and she loves them! We use them for adding and subtracting,  patterns, counting and fine motor work. I love writing out directions for her on cards to follow. One will say Stack 6 blue cubes and 7 white cubes. Chloe really loves these. They are good for keeping her busy as well😊


I also love using her table easel to write numbers, as well as working on adding and subtracting.  She really has enjoyed this easel. It flips over to a chalk board and has paper to pull down for painting.  She actually has 2…her Nana also got her one for Christmas.  I love having a backup☺


Chloe really enjoys cut and paste activities.  I have found lots of them online. She worked on one yesterday that had addition problems. She cut out and glued the answer onto the correct problem. She was very excited when she was finished with it. This is also great fine motor work👍


So there are 3 ways I make math fun for Chloe. Next week I will share a few other ways Chloe works on math skills around the house.

Have a wonderful Friday🙂

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