Big Changes!!

20200115_131001Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

Yesterday was a big day for Chloe and I. Probably more confusing for Miss Chloe. We went apartment hunting in our hometown. We found one we like and Chloe loves the mirror on the living room wall. This will be a big change for her as she and I will be on our own. Sometimes in life you have to make choices that are best for your child. This is one of those choices.

I want to live as minimal as I can and this place is small. I am going through all of our stuff and only taking things we use and love. Furniture will be minimal and my brother’s girlfriend and my good friend is giving me a lounger. So thankful! I just need a few more pieces. Moving Chloe’s things won’t be so bad. One truck load will move us. 

She will still see her Dad on the weekends and have her room here. I am copying the décor in her room here to her new room there. I am hoping she will leave 1/2 her toys at her Dads place and take half to her new home. It may be a way I can finally minimize her stuff. I know the transition will be tough, but she will get the therapy she needs and be with her older siblings and friends she had before we moved 3 yrs ago. She also loves the lake there and the parks. It will be a blessing for her and ease my mind as well.

So that is our big change that is coming. I should know today when we can move in. Probably February 1st. Im very excited to get things going for her.

Have a very wonderful day

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