Ugh She Is Hitting Walls!!


Hi My Friends!

Do you see this cutie pie above? Well Monday night she wasn’t so cute.

Chloe has had sleeping issues for so long, but one positive thing about them is she would stay in her bed, read books and be well happy. That is starting to change. The past few months she has woken up angry. I mean screaming angry!! If that isn’t bad enough, now she has added hitting and kicking the walls to her wake up routine. It wakes me up out of a dead sleep.

I have always worried about her starting to damage things. She is tearing up her socks, biting holes in her blankets and now hitting walls. I sat with her Monday night and tried my best to keep her from hitting the wall until I could get her back to sleep. She did go back to sleep, but woke up kicking the wall at 8 am. She does get punished for this behavior, but she continues to do it anyway. Punishments do not work long term with her. It is very frustrating.

She has started to hit me every now and then, but seems remorseful as soon as it happens. She doesn’t like to hurt me, but does it on impulse. I am adamant to stop these new behaviors ASAP. Chloe is very impulsive right now. She has regressed in her social and emotional skills the past year. I have done everything I can to help her. I am still waiting on therapy and trying to decide about putting her back in public school. I do need the break, as I am definitely burned out after 3 years at home doing homeschool. I get small breaks when I run to town, but they are not relaxing as I hate shopping to begin with. LOL.

So how do I get her to stop kicking the walls in bed? I have moved her bed away from the wall. This upsets her. I think she feels safer by the wall. I am not sure what to do exactly. I just have to sit with her at night until she goes to sleep. Do any of you deal with this? What do you do about it?

Thank you so much for reading my blog today. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

1 thought on “Ugh She Is Hitting Walls!!”

  1. I don’t have any experience or advice to share with you, but you’re an amazing mama! Chloe is so blessed to have you in her life, watching over her and helping her. You rock! 💛


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