When Regression Occurs


Good Morning and Happy Monday😊

Today’s topic isn’t a happy one. Regression in children with Autism is quite common. Chloe has had many episodes of regression throughout the past almost 10 years. It is a very depressing thing to see.

The first one was when she had just turned 1. She was developing normally up until that point. She became quite sick around 11 months. It took forever for her to get well. Then right after getting well she got her 12 month vaccinations.  Within a few days after she stopped crawling, making eye contact and her babbling was almost gone. She stopped reacting when her name and started throwing tantrums.  These were not your usual toddler tantrums.  These were head banging on the floor, screaming for over an hour and throwing everything!! I knew it wasn’t normal toddler behavior. I talked to her pediatrician,  but was told the illness may have set her back. I knew it was more.

Chloe went through First Steps therapy, but she fought it all the way.  I decided to enroll her into public preschool. She had an evaluation at the board of education. They looked at me and said “She is Autistic “. I already knew, but still cried. I had her tested and diagnosed at Weiskoff. Then we began our Autism journey. 

Over the past 6 years I have seen her regress so many times. It has been caused by illness, loss of sleep and anxiety. The biggest red flags are her being quiet or still for too long. Also her getting overly emotional.  Getting therapy again will help. I learn right along with her. It truly is needed.

So until that happens we will keep on going and do the best we can.

Thanks for reading my blog today. Have a wonderful day😊


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