Sharing Blogs I Like

Today I though I would share a few more blogs that I love. If I haven’t mentioned yours yet, don’t worry you are on my list. I’m just doing a few at a time.


#1: the wellness project: Blog about life’s up and downs. Blend of Real Life and Real Research.

I love her post on Minimalism. Please check out this blog and follow.

#2: Frugality Works: Build Wealth By Saving

Great tips on this channel.

#3: Learning Without Schooling: Graham Lettner

So many great posts about learning.

#4: Sagittarius Viking: mindful exploring through the eyes of a Viking daughter.

I may have shared this one before. I really love her blog. So beautifully written.

#5: A Clover and One Bee: embracing the everyday from a creative lens and a feminine heart

I love this blog. Very well written and great topics.

#6: Minimalistmojo: Minimalist thinking, Maximum Living. Finding simplicity & serenity in a cluttered, frantic world.

Great blog about minimalist living. 

#7: Stay Positive Its Autism: Mom raising Autism and neurotypical. She is also working on writing Autism books

I am always looking for other blogs about Autism and this is a good one.

#8: This Simple Day: Thoughtful family living: sustainable, frugal, seasonal and local.

Love reading this blog. So many things I can apply to my life.

#9: Minimalist Lifestyle: A Minimal, Calm and Healthy Life

This is my Mantra!! Great blog

#10: Big Abilities: From Struggles to Strength

Wonderful posts about their life as an Autism family


I have more on my list, but these are the ones for today. I love discovering new blogs to read. I have learned so much from these and many others. I will post some more next week. Check these out and follow them.

Have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “Sharing Blogs I Like”

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. It makes me so happy that you enjoy my blog. I follow some of the other blog you mentioned and will check out the others. I love being inspired by other minimalists. I hope you are having a great weekend.

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  2. Thank you so much for putting in the time to read the blog and appreciate your kind words! I enjoy reading about your journey with Chloe and simple living – it’s great to have a wonderful online community with so much wisdom and knowledge. Sending you well wishes this weekend!

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  3. Thanks for sharing this list! I am always looking for more like-minded bloggers to learn from! I will check these out 👍🏻


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