Our Learning This Week

Happy Friday My Friends!

I thought I would share the learning activites from this week. We are still slowly getting back into school, but she is earning a treat once she finishes, so that helps. I had her use her dry erase board she got for Christmas to work on addition and subtraction. Anytime you can present a learning activity in a new way that helps keep their focus. Our books of the week were The Mitten, Over and Under (hibernation) and The Snowy Day. Man we need some snow! The Over and Under book was a bit long and I lost her a few times. Then I just started singing the words and she was back.

I pulled these workbooks out for her to work on this week. Her handwriting book is 2 pages each day. The other 2 are concept books. I have shown them before. They were only $2.99 on Amazon. They are really good and work on many concepts she needs to learn or review. 

20200109_103624 I got her a new puzzle at the Dollar Tree to work on and she nailed it by day 2. Pardon her hair. We brush it, but then she stands on her head and rolls around. Lost cause most days. LOL I want her to do puzzles more often. It is a calming activity for her and really helps with her focus. The Dollar Tree is a wonderful and frugal place to get puzzles.

Shaving Cream is a weekly favorite of Chloe’s. She loves playing with this stuff!! Another $1 buy from the Dollar Tree. I buy the one for sensitive skin. She draws in it and writes letters, numbers and words. 

I posted a few days ago about our trip and day at the lake. We have spent a lot of time outside. So rare for us to have 50 degree weather in January. It has been raining a lot, so I get her outside as much as possible. She has been watching the squirrels run aroung the yard. She yelled “Hibernation” yesterday. Like you are suppose to be hibernating right now. LOL 

I have just been taking it slow this week and providing a lot of table activites. Next week we will dive more into hibernation. Trying to find a few learning videos for her. The movie Over The Hedge is good as well. She hasn’t wanted to watch it yet though. If we move in the next month or so we will take a break and then make up the time. No pressure.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I gained another follower and am so thankful for all of you.

Have a wonderful day.


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