Pen Pals

Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

I want my daughter Chloe to have friends. Isn’t that what we want for our children? She is so afraid of other kids right now that I thought having pen pals would be a good start for her. 

We have been working on little letters, cards and pictures to mail out. We sent out 2 this past weekend to a few friends in North Carolina. Chloe loves going to the post office and dropping off mail. I know she loves getting mail even more. She gets very excited when I tell her we have to go to the post office.

This week she wants to write her friend Bethany that lives in NY. She always likes to send her stickers or color her a picture. We haven’t written her in a long time. Life just gets busy sometimes. I am making this part of her homeschool day, so we can remember to stay in touch.

We are planning to move back to our hometown soon. She has several friends there that she went to school with a few years ago. I am hoping she can get together with them to play when we get back. I am very excited about that. Plus our family is there. Her older siblings and 2 little nephews. It will change her world. 

I am hoping having pen pals will help Chloe start to like other children. I hate seeing her so afraid of them. Unfortunately we haven’t had luck here meeting other families with children here. They see Chloe and stay away. It breaks my heart. It will get better when we get home. I look so forward to seeing her play with kids again.

I am so excited to have new followers. Only a few away from 150! Welcome everyone and thank you for reading my blog. Please share it with others.

Have a wonderful day

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