Doctor’s Appt and Park Fun

Good Morning 😊

Monday night was another sleepless night. Yesterday morning I had a Doctor’s appointment in my hometown 1 1/2 hours away. I dreaded the drive, being so tired. I got my coffee, got Chloe going, and headed off to the appointment. 

Chloe always loves to ride in the car. She is always singing and laughing. Yesterday she rotated between that and punching the car door. I was scared she would punch the window, break it or hurt her hand. It was a long ride. By the time we got to town she calmed down. My older daughter watched her while I went to my appt.

My doctor wasn’t very happy with my blood pressure.  It was 148/104😲 He had me lay down and took it several times until it came down. Then he talked to me about my stressors.  I love my Dr. He is so wonderful.  He takes time to listen and genuinely wants to help me feel better. 

After my appointment Chloe, Mattie and I had lunch. Then I took my older daughter home and Chloe and I headed to the local lake to play on the playground. 

It was so cold and windy! We were bundled up, but the wind was awful. I’ve always said Chloe doesn’t mind the cold. She played like it was 80 degrees outside. She loves the new play area there.

After swinging she wanted to throw sticks in the lake. She spent 20 minutes doing this, laughing the whole time. I was hoping all of this fresh air and play would help her sleep. She was way more well behaved on the way home. We played music and had a great time.

She slept so well last night. I was so thankful. So I have to focus on keeping my stress down. Drs orders. I am hoping she has a better day today as well

Welcome to my new followers 😊I’m almost at 150!!

Have a wonderful day💚

2 thoughts on “Doctor’s Appt and Park Fun”

  1. That sounds so hard with the drive. I’m so sorry y’all have had a hard few days. Maybe she calmed down after being outside you think? It’s amazing to me how nature seems to help kids feel more at peace (and adults, too, really).

    Hope y’all return to better nights of sleep!

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