Time To Declutter Again

20191011_155141 Good Morning. It’s the beginning of the year and a good time to take another look at all the stuff in my house. I have always said decluttering is an ongoing thing. Chloe got more toys to leave out in her room, so that’s stressing me out. My kitchen table is covered with her sensory stuff and a new table easel. That is not so bad since she is the only one who really uses the table. We homeschool there, but don’t eat there.

Some days i wonder if I am ever going to feel like I have completely decluttered my home. I guess as long as Chloe’s room is like it is, probably not. I have kept our clothes minimized. I’ve had to replace socks and a few of Chloe’s pants that got holes in them, but she still has about 3 tops she rotates wearing, even though she has 6. I have noticed I have accumulated so much black clothing. I wonder if it’s time to throw some color in there. I mostly wear yoga type pants in the house. We are not getting out a lot right now. The flu is rampant in our state, so staying home seems to be a good choice.

I have sold most of my books and donated a few. I bought Chloe some books from Amazon and sold some of the ones she never reads. So far it hasn’t upset her. I have dwindled down all homeschool supplies and an trying to keep them that way. So why am I feeling the need to declutter?

I’m not sure. Whatever the reason it isn’t a bad idea to look around to see what I can do without. If I could just get my girls room under control. I so do not like this part of her Autism. It’s just chaos in there, but if I touch one thing…BOOM!!! I’m thinking when we move I can get rid of items or at least store some away.

I am wanting to organize all of the food this weekend as well. I think when parts of our home get cluttered or unorganized it can make us feel overwhelmed. So I will take some baby steps and see if it makes me feel lessed stressed.

Are any of you decluttering right now? Share below.

Have a wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “Time To Declutter Again”

  1. I empathize! I always feel ready to move stuff on at this time of year too! And like you feel stressed when over stuffed house wise! Always feel a sense of satisfaction when another bag goes to charity! X🙂

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  2. Getting into minimalism. Been decluttering like a mofo. I HATE having stuff everywhere. Hard with the kiddos so i am mainly throwing away my stuff. we also homeschool

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