Back To Work/School

20200102_124810 Happy Friday!!

Yesterday we started school back after a long winter break. I was going to wait until Monday, but Chloe was getting fussier by the day. This is a red flag that she needs more structure. She was also struggling to go to sleep. I asked her if she wanted to do school and she said “Yes Mommy School”.

I just printed off some fun worksheets for her to for yesterday and today. She loves cut and paste math problem sheets.

She gets really excited anytime she does adding and subtracting. She is the only child I have that has liked it. I also gave her just regular adding and subtracting sheets. She giggled through them. LOL. 

Then we started a new Handwriting Practice book. She wasn’t very happy about it. Like I said, she is not a writing fan, like her Mom. She fussed for a minute and then started on it. Once she got going she knocked it out fast.

Then I threw in a few reading comprehension sheets from K5 Learning. I have been concentrating more on this skill lately. It has been on her IEP, when she was in public school and on my homeschool goal list for a long time. It takes a lot of focus for her to read the sentence or paragraph and then answer the questions. She gets in a hurry sometimes, but I know she can do it. She has an excellent memory.

I gave her tons of breaks to play with her Kinetic Sand. It has been the best sensory item I have gotten her yet. It really calms her down and helps her focus. I love playing with it too. Sometimes her break is just jumping around and singing for 15 to 20 minutes. Whatever she needs to do. I do set a timer for her to reel her back in.

We started reading books about animals and hibernation yesterday as well.


We read this book yesterday and today. Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming. It is a super cute story about animals telling each other it is time to sleep because winter is here. It flows very well. Chloe loves it!

The cold weather has arrived here so we are doing a lot of reading on the couch, which I love. So we are back at it and so far so good.

Thanks for stopping by today and welcome to my new followers.

Have a wonderful day


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