Major Meltdown


Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!

Chloe loves Happy Meals and going to Wendys. We have been slowly decreasing our eating out over the past few weeks. As of today we are not eating out at all for as long as we can. Hopefully for a very long time.

On New Years Day we did have McDonalds one last time. After the meal Chloe was playing outside and started fussing. I finally figured out she was upset about not getting her usual cup of vanilla ice cream with her Happy Meal. Ooops! So I said she and I could go out to Burger King and get a $1.00 cup of ice cream. She seemed ok after that. She didn’t tell her Dad she wanted ice cream, so he didn’t get it with her Happy Meal. We got ready to go and her Dad asked if I could stop by Wendys and get him a frosty. So I explained to Chloe that we would get our ice cream first and then we had to stop at Wendys and get Dad a frosty. This somehow upset her and she started screaming for her usual cheeseburger, fries, chicken nugget and lemonade we get there. I told her she just had a Happy Meal and ice cream, so no Wendys. 

She exploded!! Try ordering a frosty while your child is screaming in the backseat. Sorry drive thru lady. I stayed calm and kept trying to explain the whole thing again. She passed the point of my reasoning with her, so I quietly drove home, while Chloe’s fit got louder. We pulled in the driveway and little Miss Chloe refused to get out of the car. When she finally got out of the car, she threw herself on the front lawn. I was like “Let the neighbors know you are mad girl”. LOL  Once in the house I put her in her room for punishment and to calm down. That turned into her hitting walls and the door. It seemed to take forever, but she finally settled down.

She lost the TV for the night and the next morning. Today she has to earn it by doing her school, Yep we are starting back early. She is getting to fussy to stay on break any longer. She is playing with her kinetic sand as I am typing this. I’m trying to get her do her new writing workbook, but no luck yet. 

I have stopped the library because of constant meltdowns and now it will be fast food, which isn’t good for her anyway. She will be 10 next month and the preteen years are coming. I am eagerly awaiting therapy to start. She needs it so bad and I need the support.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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