Homeschool Plan for January

Happy Monday Everyone!!

We are still on Winter Break this week, but I wanted to post something about homeschool.

Honestly my brain is still in break mode. It has been so nice to sit back and relax with Miss Chloe. She has been in such a good mood the past few days. No stress or anxiety.

Homeschool for January will be very simple.  We are going to read books about Hibernation.  Chloe loves animals and will hopefully enjoy these books. We will make crafts to go with each book. I’m going to focus a lot on writing this month and fine motor activities to strengthen those muscles. We have a new Handwriting Practice Book to start, plus pen pals to write.  We are continuing to work on blends. I made up some songs to help her remember them.

Math will be continuing addition and subtraction,  starting harder problems. Also continuing to work on time and money.

Chloe didn’t make many crafts in December ☹ I hope to get her to do more arts and crafts in January.  Instead of posting curriculum, I will post what we did at the end of the week. She is all over the place and I sometimes change things up.

We will be starting back January 6th. She is excited for another week off….me too🙂

Hello to my new followers 😀I’m so happy you like my blog. Have a wonderful day❤

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