Simple Winter Break

Happy Saturday 😊

I wasn’t going to post today, but I wanted to share about our super simple winter break.

We are having a nice, relaxing break so far. We sleep in and stay in our pjs until lunch some days. It is 12:10 pm right now and Chloe and I are watching Nut Job. No pressure to go anywhere or do anything.

I still set out activities on the table, like kinetic sand, her table easel and color sheets in case she gets antsy. I love days when she is more laid back. They don’t happen very often. I want her to relax when we are on breaks.

I’m giving us a longer break this year. We won’t start back to homeschooling until January 6th. I need the extra week to work on some things and I want her to play as much with her Christmas gifts as she desires.

A lot of people travel a lot or go on vacations this time of year. I love just staying home, reading, and watching a few movies. I also catch up on some cleaning here and there. Awww simple days are the best. I even called in a grocery order to pick up this afternoon.  I love doing a clicklist order every now and then. Living the Autism Life grant’s me permission to do things on the easy side when I need to. I planned easy to make meals this week as well.

I get to spend extra cuddle time with Chloe and tickle her any time she wants. No strict schedules or set bedtimes for now.

Living a more simple life is better for your health and your wallet. I wish I had started this years ago.

Are you on winter break? How is it going?

Welcome to my new followers and have a great day🙂

5 thoughts on “Simple Winter Break”

  1. We are definitely having a simple Christmas break. Here the schools have an unusual long Christmas break this year, they don’t start until January 13! I start working before that, and my daughter is going to spend the last week of her break at an after school program. It is a very good program filled with arts and crafts and outdoor sports. It is going to be good for her, she is a social butterfly and I like that she gets to enjoy playtime with children that only speaks Swedish. Pushes her to try harder, she sometimes needs that. Enjoy the rest off your relaxing break 🙂

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