No New Years Resolutions For Me

Hi Everyone! Well it is that time of year again. The time everyone or most people make those pesky New Years Resolutions. Will it be weight loss or helping others more? I decided this year I am not making any resolutions.


I think instead of resolutions I am making goals. Are they the same? I guess it’s all in how you look at it.  I believe goals are easier and you can make them short term or long term. You can make weekly goals or monthly goals. Resolutions get made and then once you break them you are done. I like goals because if it is something you struggle with, like weight loss, you can set small more attainable goals. Here are my goals for 2020.

#1: Work on my health goals. See I didn’t say lose 50 pounds, but that would be awesome! I will set small goals like…

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day

Only 1 soda or glass of sweet tea a week

Cut my coffee consumption in half

Workout 5 days a week for 40 minutes

Get to the Dr and find out what is going on in certain areas

Eat way more veggies…keep meat the side dish

No Dairy, as I am allergic, but still try to consume it from time to time causing my extreme stomach pain.


My next goal is to spend way more time with family, once I’m home. Living 1 1/2 hours away makes it tough to do things with my family. This year I want to remedy that. Also I want to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in like forever. It is so important for mental health to not be a mom 24/7. 

I am still on a journey to live with a little as possible. This year I will continue to set my goal of weeding out what I don’t use or need. It would be awesome if I could finally get Chloe’s toys under controi. That is a major goal.

One of my BIGGEST GOALS  is to get Chloe’s therapy started. We are still on the waiting list. She needs so much done as far as dental work, which requires a special needs Dentist and she needs physical therapy, plus possible braces for her feet. So much to do. I just hope things get started soon. 

So these are my main goals for 2020. I’m sure I will set more along the way. Do you have New Years Resolutions or do you set goals? Let me know in the comments. Welcome to my new followers.

Have a wonderful day!

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