Our Christmas Day

Hi Everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday. I know we were so tired last night.


Chloe woke up around 7 am yesterday and was ready to open her presents. This is the first year she tore all of them open before really seeing what she got. In the past years she would open one and play with it before opening the next one. It made the magic last longer. She wasnt super thrilled about anything she got, but played with a few items before we headed to my parents house.

She was very excited the whole car ride down. We sang Christmas songs to the radio and she told every cow and horse she saw “Merry Christmas”. We were the first ones there and so she was bouncing all over the house and being super loud. My Mom had the idea of letting her open her gifts early in the back room, where she would have quiet and could play. It really worked out so well for Chloe. She had a good time playing back there.

Once everyone else arrived and the talking began she got overstimulated quick. She went outside for a bit and then would go to the back room and play. It took hours before she would eat. Luckily my niece made homemade mac n cheese or Chloe wouldn’t have eaten anything. Every now and then she would try to come in and sit with her older sister and brother, but then would cover her ears and go back to her toys. Eventually she did come out and sit by her Aunt and Uncle for a bit and watched TV. It was sweet.

When we left she hugged everyone and was off to the car. Thats ok…Mom can carry everything. LOL. Luckily my brothers were there to help. She played with her toys in the back seat all the way home and was very happy. Once home she sat in the living room and played with her favorite toy my parents gave her…A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It was so good to see her play. Then she and I got our baths and pajamas on, collapsed on the couch and watched a movie together. 

This morning we both slept until 8:30. I put up most of the decorations, except our little tree. I told Chloe I would leave it up until the weekend. She has been quieter and has played a little with her toys today. She has wanted me close to her all day. 

How was your Christmas Day?

1 thought on “Our Christmas Day”

  1. Mac and cheese! Yes, my daughter was extremely picky when she was little and Mac and cheese was one of the few solid foods she would eat. It had to be from a certain restaurant or the deli at the grocery store though. She wasn’t a fan of any you make at home. 😂

    We had a good Christmas. I was exhausted and sat down with her to watch the original “Lady and the tramp”. She loves the song they play during spaghetti dinner scene. Spaghetti… that is another of her favorites. I call her a “carb addict” and have been cutting back on her carbs, replacing about half with a salad. She’s going to be 21 soon and is putting on the weight. I feel so bad for her, but I realized that I can control some of it as I make the decision at meal time.

    I’m glad you had a nice Christmas! That was so nice of your mother to think about her and let her have a space to play. Lots of times, relieves don’t know how to handle children with special needs and they force you to do what they want without understanding your child.

    It’s hard to connect, but sitting with my daughter and watching a movie is something that she will do with me. She loves to go to the movies, but there isn’t much that comes out for her to see. She’s been wanting to see Frozen 2 and we are going today. She’s so excited. I hope it’s good.


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