Christmas Break Fun

Good Morning

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Wow I think this month flew by. I meant to share this post on Friday, but things have been a bit crazy around here. LOL 

Friday was Chloe’s first day of Christmas break. I wanted to get her out for some fun. I am always nervous going out now, because of some of her inappropriate stimming. She had been doing better at home, so I thought I would try taking her out. 

First we went to a local bookstore. I wanted her to pick a book. Instead she walked circles around the store. She was doing her stim and I was trying to keep others from seeing it. Her stimming never bothers me, but this one does. I tried to get her to look at books, but she was in overdrive. When I started to try ways to calm her, she got upset and threw herself down, so I backed off. I finally set the alarm on my phone to leave and she actually followed it.

After the bookstore we went to get ice cream. She was more than excited. She loves Burger King’s ice cream. We sat in the parking lot and listened to Christmas music while enjoying our ice cream.

We stopped at the Dollar Tree on the way home. She grabbed her usual bag of suckers and I grabbed a few things for her stocking. As I mentioned, Chloe isnt very interested in her stocking, so I dont get much for it.

Later, after dinner, we went to see the Christmas Lights at a local park. Chloe was giggling the whole time. Santa Claus was there handing out candy canes. By the time we were through the park she was overstimulated and laughing constantly. There is laughing and there is overstimulated laughing (more out of control). She still had fun.

She didn’t sleep much that night. She was up by 3:00 am. I think she enjoyed her first day of Christmas Break and is looking forward to the next few days.

I will not be posting for the next 2 days so I can enjoy Christmas with my family.

merry christmas sign

I Wish All of You A Very Merry Christmas.

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