Simplifying Wants and Needs

Good Morning and Happy Simple Saturday!


I love to live a simple life free of complications and excess. That’s a big order in this world. We have to do this for ourselves, because no one can do it for us. One way to do this is to understand how to simplify our wants and needs.

Everyone has differents wants and needs. Lately I have looked at my life and really thought about what do I really need? Not much really. I have clothes, food, a roof over my head and I am relatively healthy (working on that) and I have a car to drive (that is paid off by the way..Yipee). Then I thought “What do I want”? That is a question that comes up during the Christmas season. The thing is I couldn’t think of anything!! That is actually awesome! 

I actually went to the local bookstore one day and bought a book. The funny thing is that I wasnt happy I bought it. I thought I wanted it, but I have only read a few pages so far. At least it was only $3.00. I did buy quite a bit on Black Friday, but it was things we needed like clothing or vitamins Chloe has to take. I also got Chloe’s Christmas presents. Other than a cheap exercise video thats it. 

I think once we can look at our lives and understand we don’t need so much to be happy it will make you happier and save you money. I know I went through phases in my life when I bought things thinking it would make me happier, but it was a momentary happiness, a rush, and then I felt guilty about spending the money. 

One area I have really focused on simplifying is my wardrobe. I have had to replace pieces lately, but try to keep it simple. I have had a hard time finding tops that I’m comfortable in. Oh by the way…it is hard to order clothes online. Even if you check the size chart the chance the clothes will be to small is 70%. Oh man thats frustrating!! I find a great deal and then have to return them. Ugh! It is always better to try things on.

Another area to simplify your wants and needs is food. Yes I know it’s Christmas and I am the first to say I have eaten some wants the past month. LOL. We all say “After Christmas I am eating healthy”! Well lets do it then. Simplify that menu plan. Make meat a side dish and not the main course. Eat more veggies and less bread. Don’t buy all of the snacks that hurt our health. Make eating out for special occasions. Simplifying that grocery list and being content with it will help our budget and our waistline. We can do it people!!

My 2020 challenge to you and myself is to really look at your needs and wants. Can I do without anything? The best thing that has happened to me is the feeling of contentment not wanting things has brought me. I still look around and want to get rid of stuff, but I am taking it slow. Most of it is Chloe’s. LOL

I hope all of you have a great day. Welcome to all of my new followers! Now go finish up that Christmas shopping.

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