Homeschooling With The Mitten Part 2

Good Morning and Happy Thursday!


This is Part 2 of our learning using the book The Mitten by Jan Brett. She has really enjoyed this week’s activities, but is ready for Christmas break. I may use a book curriculum every now and then to keep Chloe from getting bored.

The first activity, after reading the book, was to make a book called Where is the Mitten? It was a book where she had to read the directions and glue the mitten or animal where the directions told her to. I always like her to do activities with directions to follow and this one included position words as well. She loves to make books like these, so I will be doing more of these with her.

Next we spelled out the words from The Mitten on the Dry Erase Board with Magnets. As I have said so many times Chloe loves her dry erase board and magnets! This is a fun way to learn to read and spell. 

We are still working on learning beginning blends, so I made these on mitten cutouts. She loved putting them together and sounding out the words. She wanted to do them to a song and made up her own. LOL

20191217_121435 I gave her a few worksheets to do and I was really proud that she didn’t complain. You just never know. I explained this mitten pattern sheet to her one time and she took off with it. She even chose the colors for each row. 


I have been working with her on lacing cards for years. I am trying to get her to follow the holes, but she just does it the hard way. It is a work in progress. I’m proud of her effort.


We repeated some of the activities from the first part of the week. I think she has had her fill of The Mitten. Tomorrow we are having a fun day. I haven’t told her anything that we are doing yet. I will take lots of pictures and post our fun on Saturday.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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