I Saved So Much!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I can’t believe it is only 7 days until Christmas. This month always goes by so fast! Having a more simple Christmas helps us enjoy it no matter how fast it goes. I am excited how much we saved on Chloe’s Christmas.

When we had all the kids at home we usually budgeted $100 to $150 per kid. It was expensive!! So once we just had Chloe at home we decided to reduce our budget. The first few years we probably hit the $100 mark, just because she got bigger items, but this year we spent around $65 and that includes her stocking. Yipee!

I’ll show you what we got for her and how much we spent….

I found these 2 gifts at Aldi. The Ariel Doll was $7.99 and the Bath Towel was only $4.99. I had to take pictures online since Miss Chloe is always with me. Didn’t want her to see her presents.


Chloe loves Dry erase and Chalk Boards. This one also had painting accessories. I knew she would love this one. It is a table top easel, so it is easy to transport outdoors or wherever she wants to draw or paint. It was on sale for $19.99


These are so fun. She used them in therapy a lot years ago. I showed them to her one day and she was like “I want those”!! So I got her a starter pack to make sure she will play with them. We paid $5.99. Oh the easel, these pop beads and the last 2 items were purchased on Amazon.

These last 2 are an ABC Flip Board and a Leap Frog Computer. I try to buy her educational toys that are also fun to just play with. I had also been at a loss as to what else to get her. Again….very hard to buy for. The ABC board was $9.99 and the computer was on sale for $16.99.


Your thinking “Hey that’s more than $65.00. Well we had some credit that was applied from previous purchases, so that was awesome!! As far as Stocking stuffers, Chloe isn’t very into the whole stocking thing. I just put a bag of suckers and some Flarp in there. $2 total. So everything was $65 and some change. Now we just cross our fingers and pray she likes her gifts. LOL


Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Have a fantastic day!

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