Homeschool With The Mitten Pictures


Right after I posted today’s post the pictures loaded. LOL. Above Chloe loved acting out the story as I read it with a mitten and animals from the story. Then she cut out upper case letters to match lower case letters on little mittens. She loves cutting and pasting activites.


I made these Addition and Subtraction mittens for her to match the problems with the answers. She wanted to do them over and over.



I made a binder for her with a few activities from the story. Chloe loves the Read Build and Write boards. She used words from The Mitten to complete this activity.


She is close to finishing her Scholastic Handwriting book and worked through several pages yesterday. Then she wrote her pen pals each a short letter. I am excited for her to have a few pen pals.



We ended our homeschool day by making break apart cookies and watching Santa Clause is Coming to Town. I was very proud of all of her hard work today.


I am planning to post more of our The Mitten activities on Thursday.

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