New YouTube Channel!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Well I did it! I created my new YouTube channel. It is called Tamyra Lee. It will be about, well my life as an Autism Mom and my love of Frugal and Simple Living. I will share about many things. I have uploaded several videos already. It is quite tough to film with Chloe always being loud and talking, but I’ll figure it out. I may have to film when she is in bed. 

My old channel had Chloe in it occasionally, but I will not have her on this channel. I will still vlog about homeschooling/unschooling, but with their regulations about kids , plus I just want something of my own, she will be absent.

I am excited to be back on there. This mom needs hobbies. LOL. I hope you will check it out. It’s called Tamyra Lee. 

Everyone have a wonderful day!

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