Our Simple Christmas

Happy Saturday Friends!


We have definetly simplified Christmas over the years. When all the children lived at home it was crazy busy and crazy stressful. I enjoyed seeing their faces on Christmas morning, especially the teenagers, who still had Christmas spirit.

Now that Chloe is the only one left at home it needed to be simplified for her. I started with the decor. I have always loved big trees covered in lights, but a few years back we decided to go smaller. We found a 4 foot tree on clearance and snatched it up.


As you can see it fits in front of the fireplace. We don’t use the fireplace. We live in a rental. I changed the ornaments to Snowmen, which Chloe loves! All of our decor is right there. The mantel has the Nativity and a few sleighs and the candles at the bottom were made by a sweet neighbor where we use to live years ago. She passed away from cancer, so they are super special to us. Our stockings are hanging by the chimney with care and that is it folks. I use to want lights outside on the house, but I am enjoying looking at the neighbors lights instead. I almost got some, but stopped myself. 

Chloe doesn’t ask for a lot of presents. She is very specific about WHAT she wants and WHO gives it to her. She always starts with her Nana and Papaw and then us. So they get to give her the favorites. LOL. Its fine with me. I love seeing her light up in front of my parents. As far as the older kids…my husbands kids made a pact with him not to exchange gifts. My older two get occasional gift. I typically give them goodies or something small. I tell them not to buy for me, but they say they want to. 

Christmas can become stressful just when it comes to presents. It shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t go into debt or be bitter about giving to others. If you are at that point you need to simplify things. 

I love to make yummy goodies for others at Christmas. I use to be in the kitchen for hours stressed out, when I should’ve been having fun. Now I simplified it to 2 treats. This year its peanut butter balls and well haven’t decided on the other one yet. 

Chloe loves to go to the local park and drive through the Christmas light display. We munch on a snack and enjoy the beautiful lights. She has only seen Santa 3 times in 9 years. She knows who he is, but doesn’t think he brings presents and to tell her he comes down the chimney would actually scare her. So he is like a character in a book to her. I also help her make gifts for her grandparents and siblings, if she will. Some years shes all into it and others not so much. I need to get started on those…running out of time!!

We enjoy listening to and singing Christmas carols the whole month. Well Chloe sings them all year. LOL We have many movie nights and watch Christmas movies and munch on cookies. We also make lots of treats together. 

So that is our Simple Christmas. Do you have a Simple Christmas or do you go all out? Comment below.

Have a wonderful Saturday!



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