Autism Homeschool Mid Year Review

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Good Morning 😊

This is my 3rd full year of homeschooling Miss Chloe. It has definitely been an adventure.  I never expected all of the emotions I have been dealing with. I’ve been super excited to super depressed. I have cried so many tears believing I made a horrible mistake taking her out of school.

As Chloe gets older it does get harder. She is a very strong willed child and it is tough to keep her on task. Some days she is 100% not going to do school, no matter what I say. All of the charts and schedules, many which I have shared with you, only work for a week or two and then she is done with it. It is hard to plan every hour of the day. I’ll admit it was easier when she was in school. I only planned the afternoon to bedtime.  She had therapy at school and many times after school. It’s harder because, well I don’t get a break. 

So far this school year i have tried a free online curriculum,  workbooks, free worksheets and now writing my own curriculum.  Oh and unschooling,  which I still love. I put hours of work into her lessons, but she may do 20% of it. I have learned to roll with it, but I do get overwhelmed some weeks. I think “Oh how I wish there was a wonderful Autism school here”. I NEED HELP! 

Ok now that I have vented let’s look at some positives. Chloe is reading very well. We have read through Charlotte’s Web twice and are back to reading together on the couch daily again. She stopped reading for a few weeks. She can do addition and subtraction up to 20 in her head. Her writing has improved and she is improving in many self help skills. My state requires that we set goals for the year. I have checked off quite a few so far. She has really become good at drawing. She is very detailed.

My hope for 2020 is that therapy will start again. I am not sure Chloe can handle going back to school. I will have to pray about it. I feel Chloe has to be with other children to learn social skills. I have tried taking her to places with kids, but she gets so wild or can’t deal with me trying to help her socialize.  The school environment may be better. I just don’t know.  Therapy first, then I’ll decide about school. 

So there is a bit of a mid year review of our homeschool year so far. How are you children doing so far?

Have a great day😊

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