Pen Pals and Autism😀

girl writing on paper

Good Morning Friends😊

Today I wanted to share about Pen pals. We live in a town where we know no one. Chloe has sent cards and little letters to a friend or two back home since we have been here. She has her friend Bethany from New York, that we met through our YouTube channels, that she will occasionally send something to.

Chloe has severe social delays. She is sometimes scared of children, especially those her age or older. It has been sad that she doesn’t play with other kids. I decided a year or so ago to have her start having pen pals. The hard part of it is I can’t force her to make things or write, so it is sporadic.  I decided a few days ago to make it part if her homeschool. When it’s time for writing I’ll say “Let’s write Bethany” or whoever we are writing that week. 

Sometimes it’s a homemade card or a colored picture, but she does understand she is sending it to her friend.  She loves the post office and gets giddy mailing things off. She also loves sending things to her Uncle. She will say Uncle C fell off motorcycle  and needs a picture. She remembers his accident and understands he likes her pictures.  He usually texts her a thank you video😊

Chloe loves Heidi’s daughters from Heavenly Minded Homeschool.  She is working on pictures and a little letter for them this week. We watch their videos on YouTube together. 

Once we move home this next year I am hoping to plan lots of play dates with Chloe’s buddies. It will be hard for her at first since she hasn’t been around a lot of kids for awhile. I am really looking forward to hanging with my Mom friends again☺

Do any of your children have pen pals?

Have a wonderful day❤💚

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