Holey Socks!

close up high angle view of camera  Good Morning

So Miss Chloe has a new stim when she is anxious….picking holes in her socks! 

She is going through a pack a socks a month. I have 2 packs of socks put back for her. Gotta stay ahead of the game. LOL  A few months back she got down to 2 pairs of socks. The hard part of it, other than her poor anxiety, is that we share socks. I keep them in a bucket and we share them. I can’t believe at 9 we wear the same size, but we do.

She has so much anxiety, even though I try to keep her days calm and homeschool simple. It will be tougher once the winter weather hits. She won’t be able to get outside as often or for as long. Chloe has cold induced asthma. She use to be on constant breathing treatments, but that hasn’t been the case for a few years. If it is below 40 degrees she can’t be outside much. Today it is 32 degrees, so she is not happy.

Back to the holey socks. I had a little boy in my preschool class years ago that chewed his shirt until he had holes in it. I have also seen children chew on their hair and pick at their skin. It is so sad. Chloe has so many stims for anxiety right now I can’t keep up! I am still patiently awaiting therapy. I try to redirect her to more appropriate stims, but nothing has worked yet. So for now I stock up on packs of socks. 

Do any of your children have stims like this? Share below.

Have a great Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “Holey Socks!”

  1. My daughter pulls the strings out of her shirt hems. 😓 She will pull and pull until she gets a long string out and she rolls it between her fingers into a little ball. She flips out when I try to cut it off.

    One day, she came home from school and she had pulled a string so much that day that they said her sweater sleeve unraveled. 😬 I learned to not spend so much money on her shirts and sweaters because she can ruin them in one day. 😂

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      1. Oh my, I don’t have your patience girl! 😂 I have a hard time just making myself sow a button on or fixing a tear here and there.

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      2. I can definitely relate. On top of pulling the strings, she will also pick holes in the sleeves and sides of her t-shirts on occasion. They used to turn into “pajama” shirts, but now I pretty much just toss them. She hates it when they get thrown away and I think maybe that stops her from doing it as much.

        She is very attached to her things. Even stuff she will never use or play with (certain happy meal toys, useless gifts from people… etc.) and will dig things out of the trash. I think she may be a little “hoarder”. I have to go through her stuff and organize/declutter sometimes while she is at school.

        If she loses something (water bottle, lunch pail, jacket) she flips out and will drive you crazy until it’s found or you replace it. That’s not always possible, so sometimes I buy 2 of an item so she doesn’t know. 😓

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