Missing YouTube??

Good Morning Friends😊

I had a YouTube channel with the same name as this blog for over a year. I filmed our daily life as a family living with Autism. I posted how I educated Chloe at home as well.

After facing a few issues I stopped and shut it down.  I have had many of my subscribers message me to ask if I would ever start vlogging again. Believe me I have thought about it. There are so many new rules and stipulations now on YouTube.  I would have to be 100% sure I want to deal with all of that. I have considered doing a channel on learning activities I do with Chloe, but not show Chloe.

It is definitely something I miss doing from time to time and other days I’m thankful I’m not filming. Life has been up and down so much the past few months I’m very glad I haven’t had to film.

So will I start vlogging again? Hmm maybe. We will see I guess😃

Do any of you have a YouTube channel to go along with your blog? Share below. Have a wonderful day😊

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