Simple Living Saturday😀

white cup filled by coffee

I’ve decided to name Saturday’s Blogs Simple Living Saturday. My blogs will be about how I strive to create a simple living environment for Chloe.

I have mentioned toy reduction a lot and I am still trying to reduce Chloe’s toys a little at a time. I have 2 bags of books in the car and a bag of toys in her room (hidden). Like I have said I have to be careful so she doesn’t panic. I have been putting certain toys away and if she doesn’t mention them after awhile out they go. It’s not that she has tons of toys, she just wants all of them out. She also makes and then unmakes her bed. Don’t know what that’s about. Lol


Christmas time is a great time to reduce toys and other items. You have more things coming in, so you should look at what is not being played with and get rid of those items. Chloe doesn’t ask for much at Christmas, but once she receives our gifts, Nana and Papaw’s gifts and other family members it adds up.

Her birthday is in February, but she typically gets one or two things. We do more experiences for her birthday. I really want her to have a birthday get together this year.

I plan on trying to sell the items I have collected at Once Upon A Child tomorrow.  Then I’ll use that money towards Christmas gifts.

Do you try to reduce toys before Christmas? Share below 😊

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