Chloe’s Favorite Activities This Week

Good morning and Happy Friday ๐Ÿ˜€

Chloe had a up and down week,but did enjoy a few activities I set up for her. I thought i would share them with you.


Chloe always loves her purple kinetic sand. She plays with it all throughout the day. She makes mountains, muffins and cakes.


The Dollar Tree sells little ceramic ornaments to paint. She really enjoys these. She has kept them over the years on her shelf in her room.


Oh shaving cream!! Chloe loves playing with it. I taught her to smooth it out so she can write letters, words and numbers. She has to have a towel beside her in case she starts to get overwhelmed and needs to wipe her hands. It’s a super cheap sensory activity.

These last 2 activities are for fun fine motor work. She loves the POP sound when cutting straws. I’m using these for stringing also.

The last one is one I got from her OT therapist when she was in preschool.ย  Take a glob of playdough and put a dry stick of spaghetti in it. Take beads and place them on the spaghetti.ย  This helps her have calmer hands so she doesn’t break the spaghetti noodle while putting beads on it.ย 

I’m hoping she will do more crafts soon. I don’t force her to, but I know once I get her going she will enjoy them. Right now I’m just trying to keep her mood stable.

Setting up activities on the table seems to work very well for her right now.

Tomorrow we are traveling to see family. I hope you have a great weekend ๐Ÿ’œ

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