Out Of Sorts

Good morning 🙂

Yesterday Chloe was a roller coaster of emotions. She didn’t sleep well the night before and is always a bit moody the morning after. She wasn’t just moody, she was unpredictable.  One minute she was happy as can be and the next she was crying. 

We started school and she was doing great! Then all of a sudden the tears start flowing. Not a tantrum, but pitiful, sad crying. Once Chloe was calm I made her lunch and got her outside for awhile. She still wasn’t herself, but I wanted her to get outside while it wasn’t super cold. 

She is still doing the “inappropriate stimming”. I am still trying to redirect it to a more appropriate stim. She gets so angry when I do this. I can’t take her out in public. I’m sure this doesn’t help, since she enjoys going a few places. The stim arrives most when we are outside or on an outing. So I figured out it is driven by anxiety or excitement. Whatever causes it I keep praying it goes away.

After being outside awhile I tried school again, but she couldn’t focus. I brought out her kinetic sand, bean bin and her large dry erase board. She calmed down enough to do those activities.  I also read her a few books.

I am doing my best with homeschool right now. She goes through phases. I’m going to attempt StarFall today and see if she will play a few learning games. I just want her to be happy and feel secure. Every day is different lately and I just have to roll with it😊

I hope all of you are having a good week.

3 thoughts on “Out Of Sorts”

  1. gosh, it’s so hard to get them back to ‘zero’ when their emotions are like that.

    Every day is different lately and I just have to roll with it😊

    yes. this. very much this.

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