Gingerbread House Fail

20191203_132514   Good Morning

Yesterday we visited my parents and my older daughter Mattie was there too. Chloe loves seeing her Nana, Papaw and sister Mattie. She also loves my parents dogs. She definitely gets them stirred up.

We decided to make a gingerbread house. It was a mess!! Mattie and I laughed a lot and had a blast trying to put it together. Chloe wanted the house, but didn’t want to put it together or decorate it. So Mattie and I went at it. I prefer the ones that are already put together, but I got one we had to build. I had forgotten how frustrating these can be. LOL

The funniest part was my Dad shaking his head at us. He is an amazing builder and must have thought we were crazy. He finally had to get involved since our structure wouldn’t stay up. I laughed a lot and I needed that. Mattie, who use to eat the candy before we could get it on the house, ate a few gummy trees, the gingerbread guy and the cookie tree. I just shook my head, some things never change. 

We finally got it to stand and I put a few decorations on it. By this time I had lost all of my help. Chloe was happily playing with one of the dogs outside and Mattie was reading. It’s not our best work, but that’s ok. All of the laughing and hanging out is well worth the fails. 

I’ll make sure next year I buy one already put together. Hopefully Chloe will join in with us as well. 

Do any of you build gingerbread houses with your kiddos?

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