My December Health Goals


Good morning🙂

I read the other day this is the month that people gain the most weight. All of the yummy treats and multiple Christmas meals with family and friends, it’s easy to put the weight on.

I had been trying Intermittent fasting, but if I got stressed or depressed I would eat. Yep I’m a stress eater🙄. It becomes a vicious cycle. I decided I needed to set some short term goals. I wanted realistic goals that I could easily meet and if I had a bad day I wouldn’t fall apart.

I have had a lot tummy related issues with food. Some days I say “I hate food and wish I didn’t have to eat”!! I do enjoy smoothies and meal replacement shakes, so I’m going that route this month. I will munch on raw veggies and fruit in between. My suppers will include fish, chicken and veggies. Chloe and I do make a lot of treats in December. If I want something I will have it in moderation. Another goal is to drink a gallon of water every day. I have been on a sweet tea kick since Thanksgiving.  Gotta stop that for awhile.

My goal for exercise is to walk 15 to 20 miles a week. I bought an old Leslie Sansone walking Dvd to use. She fast walks in her new ones, which is good, but it hurts my knees. The older workouts are easier on my joints. I’m also adding in yoga in the mornings. I am hoping to get Chloe stretching along with me.

I have been yo-yoing up and down the scale for months. It’s time to take control.

Do any of you workout more in December so you can enjoy all of the yummy treats?

Have a wonderful day😊

2 thoughts on “My December Health Goals”

  1. You are so good!! It’s HARD to lose weight or start a program for yourself during the holiday months!!! Very brave of you to even try it 😀 I usually jsut wait until January to be honest. But I totally understand wanting to workout so you don’t feel guilty eating.

    I’m a total stress eater, too, something that’s helped has been getting stress relief from cardio exercise. And I think I saw you mention having an under-active thyroid? I have that, too, it’s genetic from my mom and grandmother… something important I recently found out only last Spring was that if you need to lose weight and have an under-active thyroid, you usually have to exercise for well over 30 minutes (closer to an hour really). Apparently, our bodies don’t even START burning calories like a normal person does until we’re about 27 minutes into our workout routine :O This completely blew me away, but it explained why it was so darn hard to lose weight, even though I was exercising 30 min/day 5-6 times per week.

    What worked for me was doing cardio for 4 days a week with 3 blissful off-days doing NOTHING 😀 only catch was that it had to be an hour each time. You could totally just do walking though, 15=20 miles a week sounds good, and still see great results.

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