Let The Fun Begin!

Good morning😊

Yesterday was December 1st and I was ready to start celebrating the Christmas season.

I went to Aldi and bought a Gingerbread house for only $7.99. I also got the ingredients for another cooking activity Chloe and I are doing this week. I bought groceries as well☺ Later in the month Chloe and I make homemade Christmas cookies to give out to family Christmas Day. I bought some break apart Christmas tree cookies to make for our movie night last night. We watched The Polar Express and enjoyed yummy cookies🍪

I have been asked what Chloe thinks about Santa. Well she likes him, but has never thought about him bringing presents to her and that’s ok. She tells people Christmas is Jesus ❤. She has only been to see Santa 3 times in 9 years. I don’t push her to do it. One year her therapy center had the Sensitive Santa. Each child saw Santa without a line or noise. She loved this! I believe she was 5 when she did this. It’s great for kids with special needs.

Chloe is VERY specific how she celebrates Christmas.  First she tells her Nana and Papaw what she wants from them. Then we ask her what she wants from us and she says “Presents”. So we spend weeks trying to figure it out. Lol. I usually buy sensory or learning type toys and cross my fingers.

I am excited to share our activities with you this month. We Love This Time Of Year🎄

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