Welcome December!


Welcome to December! It is so hard to believe this year is almost gone.


I always have high hopes for this month. I want to do all of the holiday things, but get upset when we can’t. I know Chloe can only handle so much, even though I can go, go, go!!! So this year I am still making my Holiday Bucket List, but not getting upset if we don’t do everything on it. 

While I am typing this I am still in my pjs. It is almost 2:00 pm. You see I don’t typically do that. If I don’t get dressed I feel like a bum all day. I don’t look at others that way, just me. Weird, huh? I decided to give it a whirl today and just chill. It is quite comfortable. Chloe is beside me playing with kinestic sand. Isn’t that stuff super cool? She has been quite upset about all of the rain we have been getting. Like I have said she is an outside girl. Trying to keep her busy inside is a chore. She still isn’t playing with her toys, which bothers me a little, but I gotta get over it. She wants a lot of tickles and squeezes. She is scripting a lot as well. I just try to make conversation when she lets me in. All I want is for her to go to bed without screaming and sleep all night. Thats a tall order lately.

Back to December and the bucket list. We always go see Christmas lights at one of the parks. They have a lit up park here you can walk through, but not sure Chloe can walk that far now. We may try. We make a Gingerbread house and other goodies. I love making ornaments with her. If we make enough she mails some to a few of her friends and gives some to family for Christmas. We watch tons of Christmas movies together and sing lots of songs. There was a parade in our hometown yesterday, but it was canceled because of rain. Boo Hoo. I plan a lot of crafts this month, but it just depends on if Chloe sleeps or her mood in general as to how many get done. There are so many other things I love to do like go see a live Nativity or go watch singing at church. I can’t take Chloe to these type of events, which is sad. I use to sing in the church choir before she was born, but now we can’t even attend church. Thats just our life right now. I keep hoping it changes someday. I miss those things. 

So we will do what we can, not overstress and enjoy this Christmas season together. Do you make a bucket list with your family? Share below. Have a wonderful day.

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